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Download Application 573Kb (v2.7.6, July 2010)

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fseventer (as of Oct 2013) does run in osx 10.9 Mavericks

(In earlier developer previews it would not run due to a Apple code signing requirement bug.)

Currently untested in 10.10 Yosemite


  • Observes filesystem changes using the same underlying API as Spotlight
  • Provides a graphical representation of the file activity
  • Example use could be to determine what files are changed via software installation, preferences, etc
  • Requires admin access & will only work on Mac OS X 10.4+ i.e. “Tiger”, “Leopard”, or “Snow Leopard”

Screen Shot - treeview

Screen Shot - tableview and file inspector

Release Notes

  • 2.80 (UNRELEASED)
    • Tree trimming - limit depth/breadth in gui
  • 2.7.6
    • Restored support for G3/G4 class machines - bad xcode - BAD! (Sorry about this hickup dear users)
  • 2.7.5 Snow Secure
    • Supports 64bit kernel of Snow Leopard
    • Secure install, no longer requires to be run from boot volume
    • Can be run by normal (non-admin) user
  • 2.7.0
    • Experimental Support for 64 bit kernel
    • Initial rewrite so authentication is as per Apple guidelines
  • 2.6.6
    • path and process filters can be exclude or include
    • can filter out invisible (DOT<name>) files
    • can filter processes based on which application is frontmost
    • Minor bug fixes
  • 2.6.5 - Missing events bug fix (some events were quietly being ignored)
    • Cosmetic improvements - crisper icons in table, core animation in filter
    • Help now comments on Apple's fseventd (which has nothing to do with this app), and uninstalling
  • 2.6.2 - Minor Bug fixes - removed noisy debug code
  • 2.6 Filtering
    • Advanced filters (event, process, path, etc) can be applied to all views
    • Unified functionality into toolbar, with some nicer icons
    • Extra preference added to revert to old style of tree
  • 2.5 Interface redux
    • Improved layout and clarity of tree
    • Fixed incomplete printing bug and other various minor bugs
  • 2.2.2 Usability bug fixes
    • Donate window will NOT show once you've checked the donate box!
    • Sparkle update fixed (removes need to force-quit application to complete auto-update)
  • 2.2 Bug fixes, Sparkle AppCasts updating support.
  • 2.1 Leopard support - including XATTR fsevents and monitoring via official FSEVENT API. Also now able to save results as log file.
  • 2.0 New Gui with table and inspector, can now track up to 10000 events, new experimental list of all open files
  • 1.6 Universal binary, alternative method to monitor events that doesn't require spotlight
  • 1.5 Printing, drag'n'drop, keyboard navigation, better display algorithm and improved tooltips
  • 1.1 Minor bug fixes for when lots of events, GUI tweaks, and added help
  • 1.0 Password only needed for installation, click files for info & double-click to open in finder, more preferences, minor bug fix in tree code
  • 0.6 Add Unicode filenames, handling of resource-forks, and improved fading of old items
  • 0.5 Initial public release

Known Issues

  • First time it is run it will ask for your password so that it can set root permissions on its internal helper tool
  • Pre 2.7.0 versions must be copied to a disk where root permissions can be set
  • It will automatically drop events once its internal buffer is full - limit set in preferences (can increase to 10000)
  • BUG: In the treeview, sometimes items (or the entire tree) will disappear - yet they can still be seen in the tableview

Future Plans

  • Multiple selection, drag select, in the tree view
  • Keyboard support for home/end pageup/down, toggling between views, etc
  • The timeline view
  • The process view
  • File reads (unlikely)
  • fslogger - command line tool that subscribes to Mac OS X 10.4+ fsevents and displays file system changes
  • gfslogger (DEADLINK) - opensource implementation of fslogger
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