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Observation Post

Download 890KB (v1.2 1st October 2006)



  • Observes changes in: Bonjour, Network, Sleep, USB, FireWire, Volumes, Files, Folders, Smart Folders - uses Growl to post notifications.
  • Provides tables of the currently connected: Bonjour Services, USB Devices, FireWire Devices, and Volumes.
  • Allows the user customisation of icons for USB/FireWire devices and Bonjour services via drag-n-drop.
  • Can be used as a application launcher for Bonjour services (Bonjour services are associated with applications or protocols). Also provides information about suitable bonjour applications to install.

Screen Shot Screen Shot

Usage Tips

  • Drag a picture on to the icon in the 'info' drawer for USB/FireWire and Bonjour to customise it. To delete use the 'delete key' or drag the icon to trash.
  • Drag Files, Folders, and Smart Folders onto the table in the '*Watches*' tab to add them to the list. To delete use the 'delete key' or drag the table row to trash.

Known Issues

  • Removable volumes may not show up as ejectable. Solution - use Finder.
  • The eject button next to Volumes in Observation Post may not work. Solution - use Finder.
  • File/Folder/Smart Folder notifications are cryptic. Response - wait for next software release.
  • Bonjour host column is empty. Solution - upgrade to Tiger.
  • Bonjour ip, port, and host columns are empty. Solution - push 'refresh'.
  • Firewire devices all have the same name. Response - I know.
  • Can't delete the icon I dropped onto the USB/Bonjour/FireWire icon. Solution - upgrade to Tiger, or delete appropriate file from “~/Library/Application Support/Observation Post/”
  • A Wide-Area Bonjour Preference Pane for Tiger clients allowing you to connect to other rendezvous networks.
  • Another Preference Pane, RCDefaultApp, which allows the user to set the default application used for various URL schemes, file extensions, file types, and MIME types.
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